New Directions


Intersecting painting and sculpture.

Repurpose, Installation Photo, 06-25-2023
Repurpose, Installation Photo, 06-25-2023


Repurposing a canvas from 2001, latex paint from the loft, textural character added with cardboard from packages received at the loft, package labels, painters tape, and markers; this painting examines the use of representational materials to create purposefully personal art.

06-22-2023, collage, 36x48x1.5

Carefree, 03-08-2023
Carefree, 01-31-2023


Carefree plays on words. Carefree can mean relaxed, cheerful, lighthearted, untroubled, playful; but it can also mean care free, that is, absence of care. The mailing tube separates the heavier denser painting on the right from the lighter, whimsical left-hand side. And for the artist, the tube also symbolizes care.

01-31-2023, mixed media, 36x48x1.5

Static and Dynamic Reconstructed, 2022-07-19, 2022-10-28
Static and Dynamic Deconstructed, 2022-10-28, 2022-07-19
Static and Dynamic Deconstructed

Static and Dynamic Deconstructed and Reconstructed

Creation, destruction, reconstruction. Frame within a frame. Letting in more light. Construction. Shadows. Finding a new path into the picture. The original painting was too tight, constricted. Deconstruction felt lighter, freer, more fun. The pieces of painted canvas are substantive to the touch. Reconstruction allowed for more openings into the work in a less temporal form than the deconstructed piece.

10-18-2022 original, 07-19-2022 deconstructed

Collage on canvas


Peering Into the Future 11-30-2022 2
Peering Into the Future 11-30-2022
Peering Into the Future 11-30-2022 2
Peering Into the Future 11-30-2022 1

Peering Into the Future

Beginning from a two dimensional flat surface painting (36x48). Freed from the frame. Painting intersects with sculpture. Three dimensional.

11-30-2022, collage, original dimensions 36x48x1.5

Painting on Fram on Frame, 03-10-2023

Painting on Frame on Frame

Context and framing. Using additional frames to form a context. Shadows changing with the light add another dimension to the piece.

12-07-2022, acrylic on canvas, 48x48x1.5

Books on A Shelf, Reconstruct, 2023-01-10
Books on A Shelf, Reconstruct, 2023-01-10, Installed, Courtesy of client